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Ultra Klean Detox Drink
Ultra Klean™ 1 Hour Liquid Formula is the ultimate carbohydrate-based liquid detox agent. Our extensive background, education and experience formulating and testing carbohydrate-based detoxifyinging agents has resulted in a product that is unsurpassed in both effectiveness and convenience. Our proprietary formula effectively cleans ALL TOXINS 1 - 5 hours after ingestion. And it is so easy to use! Just shake and drink. Refill with water 15 minutes later and drink. Over the next 45 minutes, urinate 2-3 times and your toxins will be completely removed for the next four hours.
Achieving Optimal Results
For optimal results, avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications 24-72 Hours prior to using Ultra Klean 1 Hour Liquid Formula. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications will produce false-positive test results! Drinking plenty of water the days prior to using Ultra Klean Detox Drink will help lower the body's toxicity level. Avoid alcohol within 24 hours of using this product, since alcohol dehydrates the body. If your body is dehydrated you will not be able to effectively flush toxins from your body.
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Ultra Cleanse Cleansing Softgel
  • One Hour Liquid Concentrate
  • Clear Zone for up to 5 Hours
  • Pocket Size 1 oz. tube
  • Delicious Flavors
  • Free Herbal Detox Capsules Packed with each order
Omni Cleansing Liquid Detox is the latest drug testing solution scientifically designed for scheduled urinalysis drug testing -- a high impact, lightweight detox product that is perfect for on the go full body detox. It works similar to a chaser. One does a small shot of the great tasting liquid concentrate at a comfortable pace, and follows it up with 16 oz. of water and four herbal detox capsules (free with each order).
Read all instructions carefully before using this product and follow them exactly to achieve your desired results.
Avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications for at least 48 hours before your deadline.
Do not eat or drink for 4 hours prior to using this product.
For best flavor, refrigerate it before opening.
Shake well and drink entire contents as quickly as possible.
Immediately after, consume two herbal detox capsules (free with every order) with 16 oz. of water.
Wait 15 minutes, and then take the remaining two herbal detox capsules (free with every order) with another 16 oz. of water.
Urinate frequently to remove toxins.
Continue to avoid food and beverages.
Product will become effective within 60 minutes and keeps one in the clear zone for up to five hours.
Maximum effectiveness is achieved within the first hour.
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